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We have some great lodging options for your next Nebraska getaway. This truly is a unique part of the world where different ecosystems converge. There is bountiful wildlife, amazing birding, and an impressive list of plant and tree species. Our cabins are available year round and we invite you to come explore the richness and diversity that every new season brings. Late spring brings the baby elk calves, summer brings wildflowers, native grasses, and a refreshing dip in the river. Fall brings sparring and the clash of antlers as well as the call of the bugle against a crisp, colorful autumn backdrop. Winter brings peace, solitude, and of course, more amazing scenery. There are so many activities to do no matter the season and the river is always a good reason to come visit. The Niobrara National and Scenic River runs through our ranch and we are happy to offer some great river trips that are perfect for every member of your group. This truly is a world-class river destination.

An aerial photograph that shows the great diversity of our land. In the foreground, you can see where the prairie is greeted by dense pine forests and the canyons that lead down to the Niobrara River valley. From there an endless sea of sand hills take you to the horizon. The Nebraska Sandhills are one of the largest plant-anchored sand dune regions in the world, and the largest sand dune formation in the Western Hemisphere. The dunes sit atop the Ogallala Aquifer, resulting in thousands of little lakes and ponds in lower-lying areas.

Looking over the Niobrara River towards Heartland Elk Guest Ranch.

This is a real, authentic, working elk ranch.

"Heartland Elk Ranch is home to a herd of 50-75 elk, which happen to be native to our region, so we feel it's our responsibility to make sure that they have the same resources that they have had for thousands of years. Our mission is to take care of the land in sustainable and responsible ways so that we can deliver the very best organic, grass-fed elk to our customers. The elk live a life very similar to what they would have in the wild. They have a healthy diet of oats, peas, alfalfa, rye, turnips, and a wide array of native grasses. We look forward to each and every season on the ranch and are proud to be caretakers of this land and these magnificent animals."

Ranch Managers- Shane and Brenda Hamilton

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